Getting My New Home Insured

I had never purchased homeowners insurance before, so it was something that I was completely uneducated about.  To be quite honest, it was a little bit intimidating at first.  I did not know what sorts of damages homeowners insurance would cover, and I also did not understand the different pricing and payment plans for different policies.  The fact that I did not understand the many types of homeowners insurance meant that I had no clue what I was looking for, and that was something that bothered me quite a bit.  Because the purchase of our first home was something that my wife and I did together, we split the responsibilities between us, and I was the one responsible for finding a good homeowners insurance policy.  Thankfully, I had internet access, and so I was able to run a few internet searches in order to better educate myself about the entire process.

The very first thing I learned about was the types of homeowners insurance and how they worked.  I was also able to find a whole bunch of info and prices for these specific plans, as well as a list of the insurance companies that were offering them in my area.  By gathering all of this data, I could compare coverage and prices from all of the local insurance companies in order to ensure that I made a very good decision.  The more I learned about the whole thing, the more confident I was in my ability to make a decision.  Of course, any final decision was also going to have to be run by my wife, but because I was finally educating myself on how homeowners insurance worked, I was able to be a little bit more confident in myself, and that was something that made everything a little bit easier on both me and my wife.

types of homeowners insurance

The final step was to call the different companies that I had gotten online quotes from and make sure that we were completely on the same page.  The agent of the company that I ended up choosing seemed to be the most helpful of the bunch, answering any and all questions that I had about the product that they were offering, and ensuring me that all of the coverage that I felt that we needed would be included in the plan.  Really, it was speaking with the agent that made me feel like this was the right company for my new home.

I now have a wonderful new home with excellent insurance coverage, so I know that my family and I are fully protected from anything bad that could cause damage to my home.  It really does help me to sleep a whole lot better at night knowing that should we ever suffer a fire or anything like that, we will have the insurance plan to cover it so that our investment is not completely destroyed. I really do feel like I made the best possible decision.